Presenter Resources

Here are some links that our presenters would like to share with you…


Dr Sarah Buckley

Website: Articles: Membership: Books and DVDs: Facebook: Twitter:

Pinky McKay

Website: Facebook: Books: Articles:

Rachel Reed

Website: Birth videos: Facebook:

Sarah Lantz

Website: Book: Facebook:

Dr Sara Wickham

Website: Articles: Books:

Rhea Dempsey

Website: Articles: Book: Links: Facebook:

Dawn Whitten

Breastmilk Supply Article: Skype Consultations:

Melanie Koeman

Website: Melanie speaking on Endometriosis: Doula Support: Articles:

Toni Powell

Website: Course: Facebook:

Kate Tully

Website: Facebook:

Shivam Rachana Evans

Website: Facebook: Lotus Birth description: Birth Articles: and Helpful links:

Nicole Bijlsma

Website: Links: Shop: Book: Videos: Nicole on YouTube: Articles:

Mary O’Dwyer

Website: Links: Prolapse Prevention: Books:

Fiona Rogers

Website: Resources: Shop: Facebook:

Dr Paul Epstein

Website: Videos: Audios: Books and CDs: Articles: Skype Consultations: Facebook:

Dr Jason Hawrelak

Website: Skype Consultations: Facebook:

Meg Nagle

Website: Articles: Breastfeeding Consultations: Facebook:

Robynne Dodds

Website: Resources: Facebook:

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Website: Book: Facebook: