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Dr Sarah Buckley

Topic: Ecstatic Birth – 5 Keys to Safety, Ease and Pleasure in Birth and Mothering.

Sarah is a family physician and author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering who’s unique blend of science and wisdom has been acclaimed internationally. Her special interests include the hormonal physiology of childbearing, the impact of labor interventions for mother and baby, third stage of labor, cord clamping and lotus birth and ultrasound and prenatal testing for Down syndrome. She says that women’s bodies are superbly designed for labor, birth and mothering. Birth is like sex- we need to feel private, safe and unobserved.

In Sarah’s webinar you will:


Dr Rachel Reed

Topic: Routine Interventions – What You Need to Know

Rachel is a Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast and a homebirth midwife. She is committed to the promotion of physiological birth, and of women’s innate ability to birth and mother. Rachel’s PhD thesis is ‘midwifery practice during birth: rites of passage and rites of protection’. Rachel has written articles for journals, magazines and websites, and presented at many conferences and study days. She is also the author of the MidwifeThinking blog.


In Rachel’s webinar you will:



Dr Sarah Lantz

Topic: Build Your Resiliency Against Toxic Exposure

Sarah is the go-to when it comes to learning about reducing the toxic burden our children face today. She will be teaching us the best ways to minimise exposure to chemicals to enable you to keep your children from being unnecessarily exposed to such substances before they result in irreparable harm to their well-being and development. Dr Sarah’s first book released in 2009 Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World, is a bestselling publication, and has gone into its third re-print.

In Sarah’s webinar you will:


Dr Sara Wickham

Topic: Vitamin K and Decision-Making

Dr Sara’s career has been varied and includes twenty years of experience as a midwife, lecturer and researcher. We are very excited to have her on our program. She is the author/editor of twelve books, has lectured in more than twenty countries, has been the editor of two midwifery journals and provides consultancy services for midwifery and health-related organisations around the world.


In Sara’s webinar you will:



Rhea Dempsey

Topic: Birth Trauma and Post Natal Depression

Rhea is a highly sought after childbirth educator, speaker, counsellor and doula with experience at over 1000 births. She is respected as one of the world’s foremost thinkers on the topic of working with pain in childbirth and its connection to normal physiological birth. She has presented nationally and internationally, she passionately speaks about birth anywhere, anytime and has recently published her first book distilling birthing wisdom from her many privileged experiences.

In Rhea’s webinar you will:


Dawn Whitten

Topic: Breastfeeding and Solid Introduction

Dawn is a naturopath and herbalist with a passion for working with mums and babies. She she has been certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and feels a deep sense of wonder for the very ordinary activities of birthing, breastfeeding and parenting. These activities are undertaken by individuals but it is the cultural framework, nature of support, and access to information that can profoundly influence many aspects of their expression. In this webinar Dawn will be sharing breastfeeding tips for you and baby as well as suggestions on how and when to introduce solid foods.


In Dawn’s webinar you will:



Melanie Koeman

Topic: Birth and why we need Doulas in the Room

Melanie is dedicated to helping women navigate the varied terrain of ‘having a baby’. She has a thorough knowledge of the medical model of birth, allowing her to be interpreter and advocate for prospective parents. She has supported single mothers, couples and families to have successful birth experiences. In this webinar you will learn why you need a Doula on your team.

In Melanies webinar you will:


Toni Powell

Topic: The Importance of Happiness for Babies Development and Families Wellbeing

Join popular, and often hilarious speaker Toni Powell for a one hour webinar adventure where you’ll be inspired and entertained. Toni is a filmmaker, storyteller, author and sought-after speaker with a rare talent for taking the big issues of life and making their solutions easy, entertaining and memorable.

She has had her life transformed by gratitude and she (seriously) just wants to run out into the street and grab everyone and tell them that they can have their life changed too. Get ready for an hour of ‘aha’ moments that will make your life a whole lot more satisfying.


In Toni’s webinar you will:



Kate Tully

Topic: The Birth Plan and Why You’ll Want One

Kate Tully is an Author, Speaker and Peaceful Birth Expert. She has made it her life’s work to guide pregnant mothers on a journey towards a peaceful, euphoric, natural birth experience by helping them to clear the fear, be in the present moment, connect with their inner wisdom and be in the flow where birth almost becomes enjoyable and effortless. In turn, this provides the highest possibility for the baby’s first emotions experienced outside the womb to be that of love and peace.

In Kate’s webinar you will:


Shivam Rachana Evans

Topic: The First Vital Hour Of Life

Rachana Evans is a respected birth educator and pioneer of conscious childbirth practices. She lectures around the world on water birth, lotus birth and the prevention & healing of birth trauma. She is passionate about the power of the imprinting process and the significance of the pre and peri-natal experience for mother and baby.

In 1991 she founded the International College of Spiritual Midwifery. ICSM is centred on women returning to the integrity of their bodies and the inherent power that is within and provides women with the opportunity to undertake the journey to freedom through information and making fully informed choices.


In Rachana’s webinar you will:



Nicole Bijlsma

Topic: 50 Ways to Lose Your Fertility

Nicole’s passion is environmental medicine. She first became interested in building biology as a result of two events that occurred in her life: the first was when she began to notice the connection between many of her patients’ ill health and their homes; the second arose from her ten miscarriages which were attributed to sleeping in a high AC magnetic field.

Nicole is the author of the bestseller Healthy Home, Healthy Family and her focus in this talk is on the thousands of ways to lose your fertility via the legacy of hormone disrupting chemicals.

In Nicole’s webinar you will:


Pinky Mckay

Topic: Breastfeeding – It’s More Than Milk!

Pinky McKay is a best-selling author with four titles including Sleeping Like a baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Toddler Tactics and Parenting By Heart. In a world where common sense isn’t so common, Pinky McKay provides real-world, no-nonsense, parenting support and approaches with a blend of humour, sharp wit and wisdom not found anywhere else.

She specialises in gentle parenting styles that honour mothers’ natural instincts to respond to their babies and empower a positive response from infants and toddlers. She says, “Babies and toddlers are people too and they deserve empathy and respect, not ‘training’ through techniques such as rigid routines, controlled crying or spanking. This allows children to respond positively to their environment and to develop appropriate boundaries through mutual respect and strong family relationships.”


In Pinky’s webinar you will:



Dr Paul Epstein

Topic: Using Mindfulness to Be the Best Parent You Can Be

Dr Paul is a Mindfulness expert and says this skill has profound effects on people. Mindfulness is a must for parents and parents-to-be. Studies show that it helps reduce pregnancy-related anxiety, stress, and depression in expectant parents. Parents who practice mindfulness report being happier with their parenting skills and their relationship with their kids, and their kids were found to have better social skills.

Paul is a naturopathic physician, mind body therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, speaker, Montessori teacher, workshop leader and author. He specialises in treating people with stress related disorders and helping clients all over the world integrate mindfulness into their lives.

In Paul’s webinar you will:


Dr Jason Hawrelak

Topic: Nourishing and Protecting the Baby Biota

Dr. Jason did his Honours and PhD degrees in the area of the gut microbiota and the clinical applications of prebiotics and probiotics and has written extensively in Australian and international textbooks and journals on these topics. As a clinician, the main focus of Jason’s practice is in the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions. His particular passion is in restoring the gastrointestinal microbiota to optimal health, which is an underlying need in many gut conditions – but is also an important, but often neglected, area of prenatal and infant care.


In Jason’s webinar you will:



Dr Sarah Buckley

Topic: Newborn Interventions – The Magical Hour

This is Sarah’s second webinar for this Summit. Sarah encourages us all to be well informed, to listen to our hearts and instincts, and to take our rightful place as the real experts in our bodies, our babies and our families.

In Sarah’s webinar you will:


Meg Nagle

Topic: Finding Your Inner Marsupial – 7 Steps To A More Peaceful Postpartum.

In between breastfeeding her youngest boy, chasing after her oldest two boys, blogging and occasionally sleeping… Meg, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), works in private practice and with women to help them reach their breastfeeding goals. She offers breastfeeding help and support in person, and worldwide via Skype. She has a degree in Psychology and is passionate about helping women reach their breastfeeding goals and loves helping to get the word out about how women can do this! She places a huge emphasis on sharing evidenced based research without the sugary coating so women can make informed decisions on how to go about feeding their babies.


In Meg’s webinar you will:



Kate Tully

Topic: Your Baby Wants Your Presence Not Your Presents

This is Kate’s second webinar.

Kate’s experience has show that there are very few baby item purchases you need to make. She will show you how to save a whole stack of cash and at the same time have a better bonding experience with your baby.

In Kate’s webinar you will:


Robynne Dodds

Topic: Fermented Foods for Building Better Babies

Join Robynne from Bodyologie as she inspires you to take control of your child’s digestive health through the introduction of natural probiotic rich foods. Drawing on her role as a naturopath and mother, Robynne has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to share with you. She will inspire you to explore and include fermented foods in your daily life. In this webinar, learn how fermented foods can easily be introduced into your daily life to assist in preventing a number of childhood digestive, skin and respiratory conditions and promote maximum health for your child.


In Robynne’s webinar you will:



Rhea Dempsey

Topic: Pain and Power in Birthing

This is Rhea’s second presentation. In it she will help you grasp the important difference between functional physiological pain and pathological pain and inspire you to claim birth as a powerful peak performance experience.

In Rhea’s webinar you will:


Dr Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Topic: The Neuropsychological Effects of Sleep Training and Its Implications for Breastfeeding

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett is a health psychologist and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. A prolific author, she has written more than 320 journal articles, book chapters and other publications, and is author or editor of 22 books in the fields of trauma, women’s health, depression, and breastfeeding.

Sleep training continues to be a popular parenting philosophy with its roots in American Behaviorism. The idea behind this approach is that if you want to stop a behavior, don’t “reinforce” it, which increasing its likelihood that it reoccur.

This presentation will describe recent research in neuroscience on the importance of responsive early parenting on brain development, and harmful effects of leaving babies to cry. Non-responsive parenting raises babies’ cortisol levels. Cortisol is toxic to brain cells, particularly in the hippocampus. This research is also put in the context of current AAP recommendations to keep babies in the parents’ room during the first six months, and how solitary sleep increases the babies’ risk of SIDS.


In Kathleen’s webinar you will:



Gloria Lemay

Topic: Homebirth

Gloria Lemay is a lecturer, midwifery educator and birth attendant in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She specialises in VBAC and water birth. She has served birthing women since 1976 and is an advisory board member of Intact America and the Canadian Doula Association. She teaches online courses for student midwives and loves blogging. She wants her tombstone to read, “She spoke up for babies.”

In Gloria’s webinar you will:

WEBINAR 22 – with Mary O’Dwyer and Fiona Rogers

Topic: Rebirth Your Pelvic Floor!

Mary O’Dwyer

Mary Is a Women’s health physiotherapist and divides her time between clinical work and teaching workshops on the pelvic floor for women, fitness trainers, midwives and physiotherapists internationally. She is committed to improving women’s pelvic floor health especially through pregnancy and postpartum. Mary’s 3 books provide practical solutions to prevent damage and recover pelvic floor health.


Fiona Rogers

Fiona is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and works exclusively in the area of women’s health treating a large variety of conditions including caring for women throughout and beyond their pregnancy. She now divides her time between clinical work and running her website focused on pelvic floor exercise devices and resources. She is trusted and recommended by health professionals across the country and internationally. Fiona is passionate about sharing the message of pelvic floor health and does this through her blog and high profile social media presence worldwide.

In Mary and Fiona’s webinar you will:



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